Zozijn Op Pad with Volvo Lotte.

Zozijn Op Pad with Volvo Lotte.
#makingmemories for a good cause!

Will you be driving your classic Volvo on Sunday 1 October 2023? This day you will make a tour with one of the residents of Zozijn to give them an unforgettable day!

Zozijn – Op Pad is home to people with a non-congenital brain injury. This means that at a later point in life they were suddenly dependent on care. Some from an early age, others in the middle of family life and still others just after retirement.

What was self-evident before the brain injury is often no longer so. Such as, for example, driving a car and enjoying the landscape that then glides past you. That is a completely different experience than the rides in a taxi van that takes them from A to B.

That is why we at Volvo Lotte want to give these people a memorable day with
– A short drive through you in your classic Volvo
(a family member or accompanying person also rides along)
– A nice photo opportunity
– A nice “most beautiful car” election by the residents
– A joint lunch
– And of course a lot of beautiful things to look at!

Starting location: Zutphen
Starting time: 10:30-11:00
Estimated end time: 14.00 (in Zutphen)

With all this we hope to make memories and thus organize a beautiful day where residents, their relative / family and lovers of Volvo classics can meet each other.

We hope to get a 40 to 50 classic Volvos together.

Please sign up via info@volvo-lotte.nl and you will get the details.

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