Summer holidays in the Netherlands…

Will you stay in the Netherlands this year?

Our classic Volvos are ideal for getting through the summer holidays with a smile on your face.

Then come and browse our amazons, cat backs, 140/ 164s and P1800s.

Avoid highways in google maps and you will come to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands that you did not know we have in the Netherlands. Even to in-laws you drive with a big smile on your face when you drive a classic Volvo.

In a modern car you drive from A to B, in a classic Volvo you drive over dikes, through villages, through the woods, with the ferry.

And not only do you have a big smile on your face, the people who see you driving are also happy at the sight of a classic Volvo driving by. There is a chance that you will be approached at the ferry or at the gas station and that you have to tell how old the car is…

Curious how such a car drives? Then we have a sample copy for you and we drive around with you. We are in the Betuwe and that drives a classic Volvo extremely nicely over the dike. This gives you a very suitable picture of what it is like to own a classic Volvo.

Call us for an appointment, we are happy to help you.

Team Volvo Lotte