Volvo Amazon 122S, 1965



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Amazon 122S
On request

Red (colour 46)
B18, 1820cc
Dual SU HS6
Manual, 4 Close Ratio

00,000 km
MOT duty expired

Fully FIA built race car, equipped with FIA HTP class CT9.


This is a fantastic 2-door 122S from 1965 which has been converted in the past to a FIA race car equipped with HTP. The car was imported to the Netherlands in 2018. The history of the car is partly present. The car is in top technical condition and equipped with all possible technical interpretations that you could wish for on a race car. The engine delivers approximately 160 hp in the current adjustment but can be stimulated a bit further if desired. The full technical specification can be found under the heading ‘Technical’.


The bodywork is rust-free and completely sandblasted during the earlier restoration and features both a 2K epoxy and top coating. The car is on a nice set of minilite rims with tires which are in very good condition. All doors close perfectly. The chrome is in generally good condition all around. All rubbers are present, in perfect condition and tight-fitting.


The interior has been completely converted to the FIA standard. The car is equipped with a safety cage with the required foam, bucket seats with seat belts, main power switch, extinguishing system and racing tank. The door panels are in neat condition, the other upholstery has been partially removed.


The full technical specification of this beautiful race car can be found below in English, if there are any questions or you would like a translation, please contact us.

ENGINE: B18 0.40″ OD (1.0mm) 1820cc. Mahle Pistons Decked. STD Crankshaft & Lightened Flywheel, balanced with clutch assembly. ALL Bearings new incl. Camsaft bearings, New Oil Pump, Oil Sump with welded “splash plate”, New Oil Plugs & Frost Plugs. HD Rubber Competition Engine Mountings. 
COOLING: New Waterpump & Thermostat, Radiator Reconditioned, New Hoses, Cooling passages cleaned, Operating Cabin Heater reconditioned. Electric Radiator Fan with manual switch. 
CAMSHAFT: NH192 (TG958), Volvo Competition Service Steel Camsaft Gear Set. Volvo original Camsaft followers. Original or Competition Push Rods in correct length. 
HEAD: Volvo B18 Ported & Gasflowed (182hp). Stainless Steel Competition Valves 40(42)/35, Guides with Pronz inserts, Progressive Valve Springs. NEW Volvo Original Rockersaft assembly with 12.9 bolts. 
IGNITION: NEW BOSCH Distributor without advance vacuum, Competition modified 36deg/5000rpm. STD breaker points. Static advance 11deg BTD. NGK B8HCS plugs, Lucas Sport Coil. Silicone Racing Leads. 
CARBURETTORS: New pair of SUHS6 Carburettors, Flow Modified with correct needles, Viton tipped Float valves. Filter King fuel filter with fuel pressure adjuster (set to 0,2 Bar). (changed to Double weber, original SU’s included)
EXHAUST: Volvo Competition Service Homologated Exhaust Manifold manufactured by Timo’s Motor. 2,5″ system with Apple Racing silencer. Measured 104 Db at 4000rpm. 
Clutch: SACHS/Volvo Competition Heavy Duty clutch kit, new idler bearing, Master Cylinder & Slave Cylinder reconditioned with new seals. 
GEARBOX: Volvo Competition Service Close Ratio Helical cut, HD pin bearings, steel forks, new bearings & seals. HD Rubber Competition rear mounting. 
PROPSHAFT: Universal joints & Bolt Kits new, supporting Bearing & Bushes new, shaft cleaned & painted 
REAR AXLE: Dana M27 differential 4.88:1. Reconditioned Dana Power Lock Limited Slip Differential with new internals, bolts & bearings. 
HALF SHAFTS: Heavy Duty Half shafts (Drive shafts) specially made for racing (comply FIA appendix K). Longer 240Turbo wheel studs for different wheels / track widths. 
FRONT SUSPENSION: Sellholm front springs (Uno Svensson specification), shims, possible to lower more. Sellholm Bilstein shock absorbers. IPD Polyurethane /Delron bushes . IPD Anti-Sway Bar 28mm, Polyurethane bushings. 
REAR SUSPENSION: Shortened original springs to correct length. Bilstein/Gabriel shock absorbers. IPD Polyurethane/Delron bushes. IPD Anti-Sway Bar 19mm, Polyurethane bushings. Suspension Arms both sides new Volvo Original. Limiting straps shortened to accommodate shorter springs. Optimized Panhard Rod length (shortened). Optimized wheel angles for racing within the limits of original construction & regulations. Bolts, screws & nuts upgraded to 12:9 quality. 
STEERING: Steering box bearings cleaned & lubricated, oil seals renewed, free play adjusted. Steering axle/shaft; Late Model 2-Piece Safety Type, Bushes Renewed. Idler Arm bushing renewed & play adjusted. Lower & Upper Ball joints new. Track Rods & Tie Rod ends new 
Optimized wheel angles for racing, within the limits of original construction & regulations. Bolts, screws & nuts upgraded to 12:9 quality. 
BRAKES: Dual Circuit Brake Master Cylinder New (68-70 model), with vacuum servo. Front Brake Calipers factory reconditioned (new). Front Brake Discs & Rear Drums New. Rear Brake Cylinders New 7/8″ diameter (670404). Rear Brake adjuster units New (668667 Lockheed). Stainless Steel Brake hoses. Brake Pad & Shoe Fitting Kits New. Brake Lines new (inside the cockpit). Rear Brake Pressure Limiting Valve cleaned adjusted & new seals (in the cockpit). Competition Brake Pads (+ spare sets to go with the car). New wheel bearings & oil seals. Longer wheel bolts (Volvo original 240 Turbo) for different wheels & track width. 
Period correct Minilite type. Set of 5.5″x15″ GB & 5.5″x15″ Compomotive. 
TYRES: 4 x new Dunlop Racing 5.00M 15 
4 x mildly used Dunlop Racing 5.00M 15 
SEAT/BELTS: Toray Competition seat, Willans 3″ 6-point Competition Belt. 2kg Fire extinguisher. Emergency Switch. 
FUEL CELL: US made “Dragster” fuel cell with safety foam. FACET Red Top Fuel pump. 8mm Fuel lines. 
ENGINE MONITORING: F.M.I. Air – Fuel Ratio meter with Bosch Oxygen Sensor. Dials for RPM, Voltage, Oil pressure, water temperature. 
We check all cars through the Lotte Periodic Inspection List (LPK). This list contains more than 50 technical points based on which the car is checked and logged. With this list we are able to give you a clear and transparent picture of this car. The LPK list is available on request for this car. 
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