Volvo 165, 1970



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On request

Gold (color 105)
To be determined
B30, 2980cc
Double SU
Manual, 4+ overdrive

0 km
MOT duty expired

Perfect base for construction as desired, wheelbase of a 164 so B30 to build in.


This is a new Volvo 165 to be built from 1970. The restoration of this car has already started, the body has already been fully addressed. The car is equipped with a nose of a 164 so that the B30 engine belongs to the car (on license plate). Any other 6 cylinder engines (V90) would also be possible.


All doors and panels close neatly. The welding work on the body has already taken place. The nose of the car is the nose of an original gold (color 105) 164. If desired, the color can still be determined as desired in this phase. The body provides a solid foundation for finishing the car. We would like to talk to you to discuss the possibilities.


At the moment the interior is not present and still needs to be selected in its entirety. We are happy to talk to you to discuss the possibilities.


The car comes with the well-known (powerful) B30 from the Volvo 164. If desired, it can be improved and adjusted on a technical level. You can think of, among other things, installing an air conditioner or other (more modern) technical solutions. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities in this regard.

We check all cars through the Lotte Periodic Inspection List (LPK). This list contains more than 50 technical points based on which the car is checked and logged. With this list we are able to give you a clear and transparent picture of this car. The LPK list is available on request for this car. 
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