Volvo PV544 Sport, 1963



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PV544 Sport

White (color 79)
Half leather, red
B18, 1780cc
Double SU
Manual, 4 gears

3,512 km
MOT duty expired

Original Dutch Sport, completely cosmetic and technically restored.


This is an original Dutch PV544 Sport from 1963. The car has been fully restored and in top condition. The car has been tackled both cosmetically and technically and is probably in better condition at the moment than on the day this car left the factory. During the restoration, the car was completely repainted in the original color white (color 79). The restoration of this car is fully documented and is supplied with the car. The photo report of this car speaks for itself.


During the restoration, the car was completely repainted in the original color white (color 79). The car is equipped with new chrome, new rubbers, new tires and a very neat set of rims in the original color with new hubcaps and tires. The soil has also been completely addressed during the restoration and immaculate. All doors and panels close very neatly.


During the restoration of the car, the interior was completely addressed, the interior is currently in new condition. The car has a half-leather interior in the color red. The door panels and the headliner of the car are in mint condition. The combination of the white exterior and red interior makes this car a real feast for the eyes. The dashboard is in mint condition and equipped with a beautiful retro radio in the original recess. The ribbon gauge and control buttons are in mint condition.


During the restoration, the car was completely overhauled on a technical level. The engine has been overhauled and in very good condition. The B18 engine provides sufficient compression on all cylinders. In combination with the double carburetors, the car delivers more than enough power, especially for its age, to keep up with everyday traffic. The engine is mated to a standard M40 4-speed manual transmission. The car is mounted on drum brakes all around and the suspension is standard but completely renewed.

We check all cars through the Lotte Periodic Inspection List (LPK). This list contains more than 50 technical points based on which the car is checked and logged. With this list we are able to give you a clear and transparent picture of this car. The LPK list is available on request for this car.
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